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Elbow Arthroscopy Video

Olecranon Debridement

Elbow Arthroscopy - Olecranon Debridement  
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Elbow Arthroscopy Video

Radial Head Debridement

Elbow Arthroscopy - Radial Head Debridement 
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Distal Humeral Fractures

•    Intra-articular –
–    Single column
–    Bi column
–    Capitellum/ Trochlea

•    Extraaricular
–    Extracapsular- Medial/latl epicondyle

–    Intracapsular -Transcolumn fractures


 Figure1: Very low open intraarticular fracture with Triceps rupture,
Figure2: which was treated with a Semiconstrained joint replacement


 Figure: Lateral view of Elbow showing  radial head fracture  and a fat pad sign

Radial Head Fracture
•    Stabiliser of the lateral column of joint  
•    Ass. Injury include elbow dislocation
•    Fall on outstretched pronated hand ,Valgus (outward) stress to the elbow
•    Classification-Mason
•    Diagnosis – aspiration which also relives pain.
•    Most radial head fractures are undisplaced or minimally displaced and are treated non-operatively.
•    Displaced fractures depending on the severity need internal fixation with screws, plates or rarely need a radial head replacement.
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The operation is done by key hole surgery; usually through two or three 5mm puncture wounds. It involves examination of the elbow joint using a tiny telescope with television camera introduced through a key hole
Key Hole surgery in the elbow is helpful for
•    Removing loose bodies within joint seen with arthritis, osteochondral injuries or rarely in a disease called synovial ostechondromatosis.
•    It is also useful to release stiff elbows,
•    in debridement and synovectomy in arthritic elbows
•    and in treating pain from tendonitis of the extensor muscles (commonly known as Tennis Elbow)

X-ray showing arthritis with loose bodies

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ELBOW REPLACEMENT - LINKED Elbow Replacement Article

Useful in all arthritis which have failed other treatments. 

Purpose of Operation
To provide a stable and pain free elbow joint. This is mainly a pain relieving procedure for arthritis of the elbow joint and rarely for complex fractures. Rheumatoid arthritis of the elbow is the other common indication for the elbow replacement. The implant that we use is a well tested joint replacement technique and is a hinged construct. 
To reduce or alleviate the pain in your elbow. Pain relief is significant.
Anaesthetic risk, Pain following surgery.
Infection which may need antibiotics and may delay healing. Rarely may need re operations. (ask your surgeon)
Unsightly scar.
Instability or Stiffness of the joint.
Neurovascular damage


Most people will have received other treatments from family Doctors or Rheumatologist such as-
Painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, injection of steroids and other drugs into the joint and Physiotherapy.
Other operations available include making the joint solid and immoveable (Arthrodesis) or cleaning it out either by open surgery or through the key hole (Debridment). If the lining of the joint is very inflamed it can be removed through the key hole (Synovectomy).
If you do nothing the joint tends to get worse over time. Your surgeon will advice if waiting would be harmful or make the situation more difficult to deal with.


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